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Sarkar Film Summary: NRI corporate honcho Sundar Ramasamy comes to India to cast a ballot, just to discover that his vote has just been cast. While he recovers his privilege lawfully, it additionally gets under way a chain of occasions that in the end prompt him entering the political shred, endeavoring to change the framework.

Sarkar Motion picture Survey: In a scene after Sarkar's hero Sundar Ramasamy reports his candidature, he tends to the inhabitants of a state. The main inquiry tossed at the well off corporate honcho is whether he knows the cost of tomatoes today. While he concedes his obliviousness, he utilizes it to describe financial aspects, clarify how it influences the budgetary status of the general population lastly influences the general population to his side.

For the substantial piece of the film, chief AR Muragadoss endeavors to set up that legislative issues isn't entirely different from business, and Sundar, played adequately by Vijay, continues calling att…